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I created and Co-founded Indexhibit. I am currently living in Haiti. This is an infrequent journal of thoughts, ideas and random musings.
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12 December

The end.

This whatever it was is done and over with. Maybe I'll see you in 2016 or maybe I won't. ;)


03 December

Too many people are trying to "revolutionize" how art (which could also be in quotes) is purchased via the web. It seems ridiculous though. Just put your work on Instagram with the appropriate tags and it will probably go somewhat quickly - if it's actually any good.


30 November

I got teary-eyed when I read this. I'm still not recovered.


24 November

I'm quite proud of WordPress. The new desktop app is a great step forward. More than that though, they are an immensely successful open source project. My little project only dreamed of being one percent as successful. Hats off to Matt and co.


13 November

I don't want much bland concept in my restaurant. I guess I don't want that anywhere. I don't use Pinterest or Dribbble to inspire design, as well.


29 October

Holy shit am I some kind of an idiot?

If politicians are so worried about global warming how about building solar farms. Everywhere. Start investing and building them in every country. Don't wait. Do it now! Dumbfucks!

Of course, when the cost of energy finally does go to zero because of the overabundance of solar farms, well, then their investment will be worthless. So, why bother...

I would make an awful politician since I'm stupidly interested in actually solving problems - instead of trying to make my rich friends and their businesses even wealthier. And, maybe slowing global warming.

Apparently, in Morocco, they are building a massive solar farm but already have some built, and zero percent of the income selling energy to Europe is used for the public.

I guess I'm just stupid that I'm not the king of some sun baked country. I realize now, that I am the problem. ;)


27 October

Hey dude, where's my Flash website?


23 October

A modern typographers crazy, wet dream. Look at that keyboard!


20 October

The instinct for life...


19 October

Lonesome tears
I can't cry them anymore
I can't think of what they're for
Oh they ruin me every time

Doing a new kind of business for better businessing.


Emotions are underrated. I'd like to see more crying and fist fights in the office.


14 October

At least for myself, there was a time when writing an email to a stranger was not difficult. Going back to the mid-90's I have corresponded with many people I'll never have any reason to meet. Some of them very famous. Important. Some of them super famous rock stars, even.

Email isn't like that anymore. Probably because most of us are harassed daily by email. Maybe because things like Facebook and Instagram have taught us that communication is mostly a one-way street. Email isn't "new", anymore.

I can't even describe what it felt like getting an email explaining to me the unknown details about a particular band from the perspective of somebody who was actually in that band. It felt so intimate - I would never dare tell anybody publicly what I was told.

I miss those conversations when the world was so big but we could still find each other in the haystack. Now, I'm just kind of dreading, waiting to know what color the next megaphone is going to be.


07 October

Sadly, you can see it coming to fruition more and more that the 'free' internet is going to end. Or, it will be vastly different than what we saw back in the early 00's. Today the EU banned US companies from transmitting data across the Atlantic. This won't budge a large company like Google but for everybody else this is not good. And, the EU is setting a dangerous precedent here. Not like the US isn't making their own moves to kill off the great things about the net. What a bunch of crap though...


10 September

Everyday I visit the NYTimes main politics section and it goes something like this - mentions by candidate name:

Clinton: 12
Sanders: 3

Guess who is now leading in Iowa and New Hampshire polls as of today? Not Clinton.


03 September

Quite alot of people have randomly asked to purchase this domain from me over the years (one such company four times ridiculously enough). Every time I'm asked I double the price. The next time somebody asks the price will be 3 million dollars (so now you know).

Meaning, my domain is not for sale. I'm not going to just sell my family name...


28 August

I rarely ever tell people "good work" or "great job" kind of comments. Those are useless.

I would rather tell somebody why I think something is not right or engage in a conversation about inspiration or decisions or process. Maybe after a discussion, if I actually feel that way, I will tell somebody that it's good work - but not before.

Constructive conversation on the net, to be particular, seems to be mostly dead.


18 August

Overstimulated to the point of nothing after years of looking at mostly images on the internet for 20 years. Go outside, look at something real, embrace the thing in front of you and shut up.

Don't blog about it, Instagram or turn it into a personal campaign.


14 August

Don't be dependent on a logo. Make a strategy. Make a message. Your logo is there to support the idea - not be the idea.


13 August

Just because "alot of stupid startups are being funded" is not a reason to seek funding for your own startup idea. It's the absolute wrong reason. How many times I've heard this - every time, wrong.


12 August

When you start thinking of yourself as a company, you start acting like one. You worry more about pretend work involving things like lawyers, conferences, and finance stuff, and less about building product, because that’s what people who run companies are supposed to do. This is, of course, the kiss of death for promising ideas.

Oof, this hits me so hard. Nice words. I'm a project man, myself.


10 August

I think that having meaningful connections with people over the internet has become more complicated and difficult than ever. We all want it to work, but time and time again, it doesn't fulfill us or work as we wish it would work.


07 August

I demand to know whose fault it is that scrolling on the web is sucking more and more and that they be fired immediately. Suuuuuuuuucks.


28 July

This is when I became interested in design.


I agree.


27 July

I feel like "touch" and "swipe" are slowly killing OS X. Think about it for a minute before you call me an idiot. Ok, now you can call me an idiot, anyways.


20 July

Don't blog about blogging. See what I did there? ;)


16 July

Drink wine from a teapot.


15 July

The best marketing you could ever do is the genuine. Sell what you have, what you know, what you can do.


Chewing gum flavored kale


25 June

This is a really good, fast article about what it's like to start a business.


12 June

I'm told by people that I still exist.


27 May

That's quite a sales pitch when a person knows what they are selling but doesn't feel the need to tell you what it is.


20 May

It is kind of interesting (at least for me) how often I see people imply that others are dishonest because they don't say things on the web. There has to be a master's thesis or two on this topic - please alert me to their location.


12 May

Monster Rally - Palm Village


11 May

It is still "good" design but so many apps these days look the same. Perhaps the forms have evolved or the tools encourage saminess or people are just being lazy?


04 May

Is everybody talking about how bad McDonald's is as a brand and company actually a brilliant public relations exercise? Is it something most of us even care about? When was the last time you went to a McD's? Probably many years ago... Yep.


25 March

The official tourism video for the abstract plane.


24 March


Tonight I attended a small gathering of hoteliers in Port-au-prince who are forming an association and the things that stuck out to me most of all:

1 - competitors can be friends
2 - help each other
3 - allow local brands to develop

One of the best things this sector could do, from a cultural entrepreneur perspective, is to nurture growing local brands. Investing in them if necessary, helping them get the products into these organizations.

You're all in this together - don't forget that. Slowly you will go far.


After three years of my experimental slow blog, I'm archiving things since I'm now living on a new continent.

I'm working on a redesign of this site but I'm not sure when I'll do this nor am I sure how much things will change.